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Robben, (a woman's name) she's as unique as the spelling of her name. She is beautiful. She is a wonderful woman, the best mom any child could only be lucky enough to have and the world's greatest grandma. She is as timid as a robin bird, yet as fierce as a lioness. She is a woman of honor, strength and loyalty. Once you have her love its unconditional.
They are lucky to have a Robben for there mom. I wish I had a mom like Robben.
by Itsallaboutyou June 22, 2019
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A guy who is handsome, usually with beautiful brown eyes, olive complexion, perfect physique, very intelligent with a high IQ, great sense of humor, quiet the smart aleck at times but yet has a lovable side. If you ever meet a guy name Bailey, consider yourself one lucky person.
Did you meet the new guy Bailey, he is a hottie.
by Itsallaboutyou March 13, 2019
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