2 definitions by ItAliAna FaMilIa, 1929

When you really have to take a poop but you don't have anytime to go to the bathroom. Examples: (When you have to go to work, When you're getting chased by the cops and you really have to drop a load.)
Jim: I was late for work the other day and I had to Splash and Dash!
Tim: Same here!
by ItAliAna FaMilIa, 1929 December 2, 2012
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Definitions of "fine"...
- Hot
- Big ass and big tits.
Tyler: I was at my girlfriends swim party and I say her mom... Damn, she's fine!
(Tyler's girlfriends proceeds to cut his wang off with a wooden spoon.)
by ItAliAna FaMilIa, 1929 December 24, 2012
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