3 definitions by Isabellsavedbythebell

Don’t act like you don’t know who he is,

**cough* “notorious Tik Toker and rapper”
J bravo the internet savage and fuckboy

J bravo forgets his own name but remembers pussy like there’s no tomorrow, smh
by Isabellsavedbythebell January 20, 2022
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One of if not the Most defining trait of old J (junior Grimes)

Even the most accurate and morally deconstructed definition wouldn’t be enough to define this kid.

J grimes is beyond petty human labeling. Nothing can classify him.
junior grimes doesn’t let you fully experience him, what we see is merely an avatar of his willpower, the world only sees him as he allows himself to be perceived as.

Junior often sports a “devil may care” attitude as if not already his signature mood
by Isabellsavedbythebell January 20, 2022
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Not who you think

That is all, scary yet true.

Reality is often scarier than fiction
Junifer morningsnout is truly a raging force of fiery charisma and mystery however his goals are niether good nor too evil, but he CAN BE evil

Junifer is a cute but unsettling motherfucker

Morningsnout the creepy ass kid, there I said! Junifer is a bad energy
by Isabellsavedbythebell January 20, 2022
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