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An american goth band that was founded in 1979, by Rozz Williams, in Los Angeles Califorina. They were a remarkable band, until Rozz left the band and guitarist Valor Kand, kept the name Christian Death after promising to change it. Valor destroyed the band, that was once the child of Rozz's genius.
Pete: Man I can't believe that asshole Valor ruined Christian Death!
Sue: There is no Christian Death without Rozz!
by Ira Peel January 15, 2005
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In addition to TheEye5000's definition I would also like to ad a few other artists who have an album by the name of "the Black Album":
Buzzy Linhart 1972
The Damned 1980
Prince 1987
Kino 1990
L.S.G. 1998
Mad Trucker Gone Mad 2000
Junction Creek 2000
Oda 2001
K-Otix 2002
Edenpark 2003
Akhenaton 2004

So in reality, Jay-Z and Metallica are copying The Damned and Buzzy Linhart
Joe: So I was listening to the Black Album yesterday...
Ira: Uhh, which one?
Joe: Dude, Metallica.
Ira: Pift, loser. The Damned's Black Album is better than Metallica. Period.
Joe: ::cries::
by Ira Peel February 22, 2005
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