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A wide receiver is an offensive position in American and Canadian football.Their main job is to run pass routes and get open for a pass, although they are occasionally called on to block. A wide receiver may line up on the line of scrimmage and be counted as one of the necessary 7 players on the line in a legal formation (a split end), or he may line up at least one step behind the line of scrimmage and be counted as being in the backfield (a flanker if he is on the outside, a slot if he is not).

They are the pass-catching specialist, and are required to be sure-handed and speedy. Wide receivers (also referred to as wideouts or simply receivers) are among the fastest and most agile players in the game, and they are frequent highlight-reel favorites.
Some famous wide receivers:Jerry Rice,Michael Irvin,Lynn Swann.
by Iona_Skye October 24, 2008
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