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Taking a job at which you fail to perform, deflect any questions about what you're doing by getting offended at the questions, and just before you get completely nailed for not doing what you're supposed to do, you bail out... admitting nothing.
What happened to your former CTO? Oh, man, he pulled a Fail n' Bail like you wouldn't believe. I should have known, because when I asked him what he did all day, he said "I'm offended by the question," and then didn't answer it.
by Invictus Bastard July 03, 2010
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Microscopic robots that gnaw at the limbic system until it dies.
When she realized her own criticism and nagging wouldn't be enough to crush his spirit, she saved her money to have the latest nanocriticles inserted into his body while he slept.
by Invictus Bastard July 06, 2011
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Being positively and permanently influenced by a person who appears to be your exact opposite.

Alternative spelling:

Ronald Reagan vinfluenced Timothy Leary on the subject of trickle down economics, but Timothy Leary never convinced Mr. Reagan to try the four-way window pane.
by Invictus Bastard November 15, 2011
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