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A meme largely among players of the MMORPG City of Heroes, "Kill Skuls" resulted from a post by the player of a character named "Fireplug". Much like the "All your base" phenomenon (although largely confined to the City of Heroes player base), the phrase spread among the gaming crowd as an inside joke. It was often invoked with viral phrases from other posts, most notably "Jerk Hackers" and "Gone to the Americas".

As the phenomenon grew a web site was created, and the developers of City of Heroes joined in on the fad in the forums. This eventually led to the phrase being put into the game in the form of graffiti in some areas of the game world, and a "Kill Skuls" badge wich was earned (amazingly) by defeating many members of the "Skull" gang.

The original poster has confirmed that the following was the message that started the fad:

--- Begin Paste ---

One of my secondaries (or tertiaries, or quarternaries, or whatever) reached level 9 yesterday. He's an Illusion controller, and I gave him the AE blind power.

I REALLY wanted to try this in a group, but nobody from my SG was on, so I took the chance of clicking the "seek team" button.

I was invited by someone, and immediately saw the group msg "Kill Skuls". I took off across the zone to find the team leader, when I saw someone else enter the team, and the leader again said "Kill Skuls".

He was all the way across the zone, so it took me a minute to get to him. I found him in a secluded lot, pressed up against the wall, just standing there.

I stood behind him for about three minutes. While I waited, I checked the missions, he had two "skul" missions, and seemed to be just standing there watching the numbers drop on them.

When I finally figured out that he had no intention of doing ANYTING himself, I did a "/G I should go kill skulls for YOUR missions while you sit in the middle of a lot with you thumb up your *^&%?", and quit the team

Why would anyone even bother to play this game if this is how they are going to do it?

The con men and the conned. I don't understand either one...


Level 30 INV/SS Tank

Kill Skuls!
Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls
by Ingot February 11, 2008

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