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When someone is in so much pain, It causes a lack of sound to escape the mouth. Usually do to shock or intense amount of pain to the body.
when he broke his arm, It caused him to silently scream.
"I was so hurt, I couldn't make sound man, Ithe was just one big silent scream"
by InformationLibrary January 14, 2018

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To bring a knife to a gun fight; to be inadequately prepared for something.
Likewise, bringing a gun to a knife fight,
To overreact and overthink Petty situations
You don't bring a gun to a knife fight as it isn't a serious matter. it isn't a matter of your life and death or your money and legacy.
He brought a knife to a gun fight that day when he was watching everyone else's presentations
by InformationLibrary December 02, 2017

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