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A term used to describe someone who has a Cock and is a Boy.

More commonly used slang terms describe someone that is stupid or has no life and never got any pussy. Therfore cockboys are not the shit.

Cockboys suck their own cock because thats all they can get unlike Niles Lao who is not a Cockboy because his cock is too big...hes a cockmaster.

Cockboys love penis in their ear for example Felix-Jahn Mediodia Navarro who is a cockboy. Dreas a cock boy because shes a boy and has a cock...but Niles Lao's cock will always be bigger.
-felix jhan mediodia navarro is a cockboy
-jessica navarro is a cockboy
-drea is a cockboy
-miranda is a cockboy
-ngrp's are cockboys
-your dad is a cocboy
-your mom is a cockboy
by Imnotchino8 October 14, 2007

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