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If you have ever wanted an adult gay baby duandre is the way to go. He is the cross between pedophile and pervert , he will turn you off faster than seeing your father cut his arm of and shuve it in his ass. He answers to ma se poes and bitch lasagna.
by Im_your_father_surprise November 13, 2018
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A boshoff is someone of royale descent that eats your moms pussy for a living ,sticks his dick in your sisters ass and is the reason your gitlfriend broke up with you. Another word to describe a boshoff is fucking awesome another is fucking funny and usually has drinking problems and often aswers to wifi and god.
Boshoff is probebly my father
by Im_your_father_surprise November 10, 2018
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The biggest piece of shit ever to be known to man i mean my god i cant explain this whore to jesus fucking christ i would rather die than have her as a friend oh my fuck and here i thought all anime girls are precious well mother fucker no i was wrong jesus if i ever watch another anime with a girl looking or sounding even remotly close to here im gonna yeet the poes out of girl jesus her face reminds me of antivaxxed kids but i mean thats what you can expect from the bitch queen of flat chest herself oh my fuck id rather play fucking fortnite than tap dat sack ò shit jesus fucking christ i cannot with this girl she reminds me of fucking logan paul fuck that she reminds me of both the paul brother and there fucking cunt subsribers oh my cunt licking dick eating pussy farm i cannot fucking christ oh my shit what the fuck this girl would get 3 fukkin X's just for walking on the stage of any fucking show to have X's my god i want to fucking die no wait fuck me dieing that thot slut should go kill herself or even better commit suicide jesus help me i thought you died for our sins come fucking back with a fucking army and reliquish this fucking bitch djhdjdhsjjdjdjekjekwujdjhjd
Jared: hey kyle fuck you
Kyle: no u
Jared: you piece of dick head
Kyle: oh yhe well you are an ichigo
Jared: 'disintigrates in ball of fire from massive burn'
by Im_your_father_surprise February 16, 2019
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A handsome and sexy young man who can turn a woman on like no other. He has style, a smile you can see from a mile, and personality that draws you in for a while. He's a incredible friend, boyfriend, partner, and life companion. Anyone who's friends with Kyle or is in a relationship with one is bound to have an extraordinary life. No man can do what Kyle can.
Kyle is similar to a boshoff
by Im_your_father_surprise November 10, 2018
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