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A party usually consisting of metrosexuals sporting Hollisterco that typically the shirt is a size too small, flip flops, cargo khaki or plaid shorts, & puka or cowry shell necklaces, tanorexic blondes who look like a picture negative where everyone is standing around or playing beer pong, but completely sober typically they are playing Hinder, Buckcherry, Nickelback, & some other modern hip-hop such as Soulja Boy or Rhinana. They are usually found making fun of anyone from high school who isn't present at the party or isn't in their "clique" at all. They usually go to University's, but sometimes community colleges. The next day you usually hear them bragging about how "trashed" they got the night before.
(Lauren calls Brooke)

Lauren- Omg Brooke! I just stopped at Hollister & got some cute new graphic fitted tees!!!!!!

Brooke- Omg yayy!! :):):):) So Adam texted me earlier..there's a party at Matt's tonight, are you going?

Lauren- Omg fo sho! hehe :)

(random onlooker)

Tiberius- Hollister party.....
by ImTiberius August 28, 2009

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