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Someone named Janet, also someone nice and kind (I guess??), Also an bird and animal lover. She also likes to be funny, most especially if you meet her on discord and talk to her.. She likes: Talking about how devil like Duolingo is and duolingo jokes and memes, joking, being funny, saying e, saying EA on the sports, how crappy roblox can be sometimes and many more. An person who is an youtuber with 200 subscribers or something (Don't believe me? Search up her username in yt). An scorpio (cause she was born on November 14.) She loves the clown emoji in discord, being dumb on discord, misspell for funny purposes, etc.. And yes, I'm Jxnet Mxy
Do we really need an example about Jxnet Mxy aka me??
by ImTheLocalIdiot May 26, 2021
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An word that roblox scammers/idiots think that would work even if /e means emote, people are just always dumb who ever used it.
Person 1: Hey man! What are you doing?
Person 2: Well, I'm writing a thing called /e free in roblox items.
Person 1: Uh.. /e means emote.. Anyways bye, have a "nice" day..
by ImTheLocalIdiot May 25, 2021
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Something that has came from hell which has teachers who can't make you understand lessons and then grade you very badly for failing even if it's the teacher's fault. Also something that makes your whole child hood tramautized, make your parents give you a bad life, make you want to smack yourself and more. The government should shut down school, no one wants to be in jail with bunch of bullies and dummies aka the teacher and ordered by the government in what to read and study. For example someone wants to be an lawyer and they're ordered to study stuff that isn't gonna make them a lawyer. Schools make sure to kill your free time by exams, essays and home works. Even if I hate duolingo a bit I would say they're better than school, I'd also say google is better than school because you can learn anything at any time by just searching meanwhile in school your teachers spend hours explaining and telling to write the same and you can't be even dismissed until the class is done which means you spend hours to listen just one fking over and over again and writing it over and over again. As a person who is still in school, school is jail.
Person 1: *Texts* Hey insert name! Wanna play roblox?
Person 2: *Texts back* Sorry I can't, jail gave me hundreds of home works and essays..
Person 1: *Texts back too* I can agree about the fact that school is jail.
by ImTheLocalIdiot May 26, 2021
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The President and the greatest in songs.

Rick Astley is an amazing singer and rickroll maker.
One of the reason why he is an amazing singer and rickroll maker is because he's:

Never gonna give you up!
Never gonna let you down!

Never gonna run around and dessert you!

We humans also hope that rickroll will be one of the proves that humans existed.
Person 1: Oh hey dude!
Person 2: Ye?
Person 1: Ever heard of the president Rick Astley?
Person 2: Yea, he's the best but are you gonna rick roll me or what?
Person 1: The reason why he is the president is because he's: Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!
Person 2: I asked you if you're gonna rickroll me or what but dang, you ignored the question and rickrolled me..
by ImTheLocalIdiot May 26, 2021
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Said by an shitty bird who is dangerous world-wide. He's an green owl which looks green, cute and innocent but in reality he fucking kidnap the users' family if they don't do their lession. It is said that duolingo's favourite language is Spanish. If you don't do your spanish lessons he might come in your house, kidnap your family or either vanish you. That's why he says Spanish Or Vanish.
Person: I feel tired. I'll not do my spanish lessons today, after all , nothing will happen if I didn't do my lessons for 1 day.
Duolingo: *Breaks door* SPANISH OR VANISH?
by ImTheLocalIdiot May 25, 2021
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An absolute legend of roblox who is an bacon hair and eats bacon corn flakes. He is a noob and has no robux. But he is still epik (epic)
He's made by Flamingo aka Alberto.
Robloxian 1: plays an game about su tart
Someone named Su_TartIsMe appears
Robloxian 1: Looks at leader board OMG IS THAT SU TART!?
by ImTheLocalIdiot June 08, 2021
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