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A term used to describe post (male) masturbatory tissues that have been used to wipe up their ejaculate and then been left laying around so long the tissues have solidified.

The term comes from the British slang wank meaning to masturbate and the British term for potato chips (crisps)
I went into Brandons room last night and was absolutely appalled to find that he had wankers crisps littered all around his bedside.
by Ikiryo Waverider March 23, 2010
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When someone uses colorful language to describe something incredibly graphic that may be a little bit too much for one with sensitive ears/stomach may find a little too much to bare. Usually when something is explicitly sexual in content at an inappropriate time but is deemed appropriate enough by some as it's void of all profanity.
Lance thinks the inside of Jordan's thighs would make GREAT ear warmers

Mackenzie: LANCE!...VERBAGE

Lance hangs his head in shame.
by Ikiryo Waverider March 31, 2010
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