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Currently the most overly used word to describe ones car regardless of the cars make or model. It's most commonly used in "Ricer" rags or on MTV Cribs by soon-to-be bankrupt rappers that no one besides MTV has heard of. Not to be confused with "Rides" which is another trendy word for cars, which makes more sense, but still should not be used by anyone with an IQ higher than 20.
Future Chapter-7 rapper-Now that you have seen the inside of my crib, lets go take a look at my whips, that are 60 days past due payment and on the verge of repossession.
by Ih8u September 12, 2007
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That word that High Schoolers/College Students use when they are up too late, but really has nothing to do with the actual disorder.
omg dude I'm up at 3 in the morning, I totally have insomnia.
by iH8U February 06, 2012
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