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From putney high school, Mr Cameron is the Australian biology teacher all the Putney girls are head overs heels for. He is an average teacher but clearly above average somewhere else...his accent makes the girls swoon and his smile makes their legs buckle and skirts drop. Ngl bit of a melt but means well and tries his best at teaching a class of horny hormonal slutney high students. Pretty sure he’s married and has a daughter. Solid 8.
“Did you see Mr Cameron today, he’s a peng ting innit”
“I failed my bio test just so that I could see him after class
“Yeah he’s fit, but he’s no Mr Cameron”
by Iguessthisisiit March 27, 2019
Pic for pic- when you are so desperate for nudes you will send them too, usually used by underage kids who are especially horny after watching their daily dose of porn.
Person 1: hey wanna p for p?
Person 2: sure!
by Iguessthisisiit January 14, 2018