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The act of not wearing a bra under a shirt. Analogous to freeballing, which is not wearing underwear for men.
Roxanne is not wearing a bra under her shirt, therefore, she is freeboobing.

Roxanne was freeboobing and her shirted tit almost poked out my eye.
by Icky Thump July 03, 2007

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Ebonics used on the internet.
A portmanteau of internet and ebonics. Used mainly by wiggers, some Southeast Asians and Philippinos, and others trying to act gangsta.

Often subsitutes apostrophes with `s and i's with y's. Contains many SPELLEN ERR0RZ. "-ing" is often replaced with "-en"
Examples of netbonics:

ballin2damax: "y0 dat shyt is tYt daWg fo sh0 i ballen"
(That shit is tight dog, for sure, I'm balling.)

tYrOnEweStSyDe: "u is 2 skared u iz trippen b0i"
(You are scared, you are tripping, boy.)

(You all are whack, do you know what I'm saying?")
by Icky Thump June 30, 2007

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Much like Boom headshot of FPS Doug fame, Splat cumshot shows that one has achieved total dominance over someone else much like in the manner of ejaculating their face. Degrading.

Pwnee: ofmg u stoopid faygit i kno u uze hax! im guna tel da admin on u n get u band!!111eleventyone

Pwner: Splat cumshot, kthxbai.
by Icky Thump August 26, 2007

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