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A Spanish word that literally means "miscarried" ("malparto" means "miscarriage"), but is often used as an insult.
In practical usage, it is very similar to the English "bastard", seeing how the Spanish term "bastardo" is seldom if ever used as an insult by native speakers and means, very literally, an illegitimate child.
Call someone "miscarried" in English, or "bastardo" in Spanish, and they'll look at you funny. Call them a "malparido" or a "bastard" and they will take offense.
Ese flaco es un malparido del orto
(Literal: That guy is miscarried through the a**)
(Paraphrased: That guy is one rat bastard)
by Ian Sean Montgomery February 13, 2007

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Two small bites through the coating of a permeable cookie that is impermeably coated as with fudge, so as to allow air to escape the cookie's porous innards by facilitating the ingress of liquid into the cookie, thus making possible thorough permeation of the dunking medium, such as milk.
After immersing his Girl Scouts' Thin Mint cookie completely in milk, his first bite was dry from the fudge coating having kept all the milk out. His second bite was also dry, despite the coating by then having been open during dunking, since due to having been dunked bite-side down, the air trapped in the cookie had been unable to escape -- the fudge coating acted as a bucket held upside-down underwater.
In the future, whenever dunking a cookie with an impermeable coating, he first bit a set of dunkvents at opposite ends in order to allow the milk to soak inside.
by Ian Sean Montgomery December 18, 2010

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