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A town in Suffolk County on Long Island, NY. A wealthy or upper middle class town in the Township of Islip. The nicest and most expensive areas are south of Main Street(Montauk Hwy). They Include areas such as Great River, The Moorings, Percy Williams Cove, Hollins Lane, Blackmore Lane and Meadow Farm Road, in which most houses range from $850,000 to $5,000,000. Though it seems perfect it is very segregated in the neighborhoods, it is 96.5% caucasian. The average income in $93,854. Islip Terrace, like Great River, is a hamlet in East islip, but Islip Terrace is more Middle class than upper middle or wealthy. It is neighboring Central Islip, which isn't the nicest town, but Islip Terrace keeps it class as it is also a nice town. East Islip is an athletic and competitive town as well as academic, its schools are rated 9.1 out of 10 which is pretty good. The towns rival in sports is West Islip and there is always something going on at events involving the two towns. Overall East Islip is a great town on the bay to live in.
East Islip a nice town on the bay.
by ILoveLongIsland January 24, 2010

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