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Pretty good place. Except for the fact that the whole 'sunshine state' thing is wrong. In the tampa area(where I live), it rains almost every day for at least 30 minutes in the summer. And the storms can be violent. (And the weather in Tampa doesn't define the weather of the whole state) But when it's not raining it's pretty nice. Everyone thinks that it's really hot, it is, but it's not near as humid as Georgia(my home state) and there's always a slight breeze. There are a lot of palm trees and really great beahes everywhere. A lot of wide open fields with huge neighborhoods packed between them where the houses are 5 feet apart. Many atractions like Busch Gardens, Disney World... etc. Old people retire here. And the beaches are the best to people-watch at. Overall it's okay. Every state has its goods and its bads, so you can't stereotype them by just a few factors. If you wanna know more about Florida, stop reading urban dictionary and visit.
Florida is the southern-most state in the U.S
by IINNGG August 13, 2010

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