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A term used by a Spanish speaking, Mexican American person to describe a fat, conceited female. A derogatory term used to insult a fat girl/woman who thinks she is attractive and thus acts like stuck up royalty. A fat Mexican-American female who tries to convince men that she is as attractive as her skinny counterparts. An hamburguesa will squeeze into smaller clothing, wear extreme amounts of makeup, might dye her hair in a very light blond color, and wears thongs in order to feel sexy, and to justify the theory that she is much prettier than her skinny friends. She might cock block her friends by being easier and attracting one night stands. An hamburguesa will make fun of smaller women.
girl #1 (skinny)- Do you think Jake will ask me out? he was looking at me so much at da club last night.

hamburguesa (Isabel) - He told me that he does'nt like skinny girls because you are nasty. Anyways, i blew him last night.

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