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The automatic biological response to cringe away from any sort of human contact. Prominently found in the introvert strand of the homo sapien species.
"Dude It was just a pat on the back, what's with the contact cringe?"
by IDCC May 6, 2017
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Meme Culture is the evolving culture surrounding Memes. Originally only found on the internet, meme culture can be seen in many real world examples, such as the dab and bottle flip, among many others.
"We can see in recent years a rise in Meme Culture amongst youth groups in our education system, constantly vying to stay up to date with the most relevant memes"
by IDCC June 15, 2017
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The name given to a school desk when one stares intensely into it while lost in thought.
"Look at Jeffrey, he's staring into the desk void."
by IDCC May 14, 2017
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