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1. One who listens to and/or enjoys the music of Gustav Mahler.

2. A person who understands that the music of Gustav Mahler is truly great, while the music of Anton Bruckner is only just bearable.

3. One who enjoys listening to the music of Gustav Mahler rather than that of Richard Strauss.

4. One who is intelligent, aesthetically gifted, has superbly refined taste in music, and who is therefore excellent.

5. One who knows that Gustav Mahler is, in fact, a greater composer than Richard Wagner. A Mahlerite, as opposed to a Wagnerian.

Trish: Wouldn't you just die without Mahler?

Rita: Absolutely, I'm a devout Mahlerite.


Jack: That felt amazing, it was like the finale from Mahler's 5th.

Sarah: Really? I thought it was more like trying to sit through a Bruckner symphony.

Jack: Oh God, Sarah... please don't say that... please.

Sarah: Just kidding, my legs are still shaking from it.

Jack: You're such a sexy Mahlerite.


"...though I passionately admire the works of Richard Strauss, I am, first and foremost, a Mahlerite."


Cloe: Did you read my thesis on aesthetics?

Liam: Yes, I did.

Cloe: Well...

Liam: You're a Mahlerite.

Cloe: Awww, thank you, Liam.


Lenny: Where's Daniel? the symphony will be starting any minute now.

Simon: Oh, he said he was going to stay at home and watch an opera or something.

Lenny: What? It's Mahler's 3rd, how could he? He's probably a Wagnerian or something.

Simon: Calm yourself, this is no way for a Mahlerite to behave.

Lenny: You're quite right.
by ICatchFish April 29, 2012

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