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1)A show on TV that consists of a guy with his little yellow pet thats always on top of him doing weird stuff to him. Children tend to watch and endore the sight of this stuff... parents supersion required, your son sometimes well cum out with his fishing rod sticking out and his hand on his pokeballs which r dangling below his waist

2) a game where kids get together and play with cheap paper cards. they also have there pokeballs hanging out... but now there fishing rod is in somthing else...
1*)MOM- hey jimmy, lunch is ready!
JIMMY- ok mom, let me finish watching pokemon... i am rubbing my fishing rod up and down and wacking my poke balls just like ash bang'em does!
2*)jimmy put that back in your pants. we ain't using your pokemon fishing rod today.
by ICHEWEDHERUP!! April 04, 2010

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