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supreme badass. Legends are told of such great strength and physique that could only be described by the words "boss nova" usually used as "Going Boss Nova." Not for puny ripped runners. This term is only for the true "hulks" of humanity. You walk into a room and girls drool and scrawny dudes go sit in the corner and wallow in their shame. Planet Fitness wont even let you come inside. People often think of gallon jugs of water, protein shakes, and versa gripps as part of your very being. vitamin shoppe knows you by name.

steroids disqualify you.
"Bro, I think I'm about to go Boss Nova!"
"Dude I think your already there... that girl walked into a pole when you came in and some scrawny dude ran out crying..."
by IAMBOSSNOVA December 29, 2010

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