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I read about this once...some future-past, past-present-old thing from this scifi book. Sort of a "mythos" deal. Something about a quantato? I don't know. Quote is from a book report on the deal I wrote as a kid.
And then the man used a machine. It made the potato angry, which hurt the bad men and the machine was caled (sic) a "penultimator". I don't think it was good though.
by I. Lohmax May 23, 2005
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The first recorded historical incidence of sub-atomic experimentation.

A litte-known captain of the British Royal Navy altered the constitution of a potato in an effort to thwart the legendary privateers of the Barbary Coast. Although the methodology is not revealed, speculation suggests Sir Rothage Dubham may have used a penultimator. The critical portion of the only copy of "Insidious Guinea Merchants" is missing.
And he shall call the great heavens (...) and those who encounter QUANTATO shall for evermore be changed.
by I. Lohmax May 22, 2005
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