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to have sex with, hit on, fuck, or hook up with
damn all these beautiful girls, they only want to do your dirt
by I. M. Cold May 6, 2010
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What you say when someone tells a really lame, boring story that had no point. After the person finishes, say it, usually in a chant, sometimes accompanied with clapping with each word
Joe: OMG, yesterday, I went to Starbucks and I got a mocha frap, and then there were no seats! So I had to stand around waiting until someone got up, and then I sat in their seat and i took out my laptop and I played freecell.
Tina: Great story, tell it again, tell it at a party and make some friends! (clap, clap, clap)
by I. M. Cold March 3, 2010
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a character in Oliver Twist's name is charlie bates. mr. Dickens thought it would be funny to call him Master.
and hence we have master bates

(in case you didn't realize, it sounds like masturbates.)
"That when the Dodger, and his accomplished friend Master Bates..."
-Oliver Twist
by I. M. Cold April 15, 2010
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what you say when a guy ditches his guy-friends for his girl
if a guy is spending all his time with his girlfriend and not hanging with the dudes anymore because he's always with his girl. The dudes want the guy to put his bro's (the dudes) higher in priority than the girl (the hoe) because they were tight first

similar to sisters before mister's - what the girls say

Tom: oh sorry i can't go boarding with you and Joe and AJ tomorrow, im chilling with sally
Dan: Bro's before hoe's, man!!
dan: Hey tom over here! we got smokes!!
Tom: nah, sally doesn't like it when i smoke
AJ: Dude, bro's before hoes!!
by I. M. Cold February 23, 2010
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what you say when a girl ditches her girlfriends to chill with her boyfriend
if a girl blows off her friends, or just hangs out with her boy instead of her girlies, and they're offended cuz they know they love her more.

similiar to guys's bro's before hoe's
Kate: oh sorry Ali i cant go get a mani-pedi with u and sylvia, im going to the movies with ben
Ali: aww, come on kate! sisters before mister's!!

Ali: hey kate come over to our table!! we got wings...
Kate;: hahaha no sorry, Ben already ordered wings too..
Ali: ugh, sisters before mister's!
by I. M. Cold February 23, 2010
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