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The affect that takes place generally in a work environment that is predominately male in which the few women that are in the environment take on a much higher level of attractiveness due to the highly offset penis to vagina ratio. The women in this situation are aware of this and often act very slutty and carry themselves in a way that draws attention to their assets.
Guy #1: "Dude (woman's name) looked so hot today, I would totally fuck her in the copy room."

Guy#2: "No way man! Its the Hotline Affect blurring your vision!!"
by I am Right February 27, 2012
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You fucking dumbasses. George W. Bush isn't retarded nor a bad president. He's one of the best we had in years. By far the worst was Jimmy Carter. That fucking faggot let all those god damn cubansand vietnamese mother fuckers into our country. Now we have to work our asses off to pay for their god damn welfare and foodstamps.
George W. Bush is gonna kill you faggots!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by I am right June 30, 2005
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