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A bunch of useless idiots running around thinking it's cool to beat the living crap out of innocent people. Fam mob @$$holes have small penises and get off on inflicting pain on others. This could be due to the fact that their parents never shown them love, maybe they were bottle fed.
This fam mob is a bunch of pussies that couldn't take on anyone in a one on one fight, therefore they feel the need to gang up on innocents to make up for the fact that they have small penises.
by I AM ERICA Bitch September 08, 2014
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This is what happens when you think its gonna be a Bon Jovi Friday (see Urban Dictionary Bon Jovi Friday) but realize that you in fact have to work the next day.

Not nearly as cool as a Bon Jovi Friday, the Justin Beiber Friday is pretty lame and disappointing...kind of like falling face first down a flight of stairs and landing in dog poo.
DUDE its Bon Jovi Friday BIOTCHES!!!

No stupid boss is making me work tomorrow so I guess this is a Justin Beiber Friday for me FML!
by I AM ERICA Bitch May 05, 2011
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