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-A suburb of Portland, OR, population 36,368.

-A liberal city containing some of the world's prejudice, spoiled people.

-Home to two rivaling highschools: Lakeridge and Lake Oswego.

-Bob and 7-11. What more can I say.

-An algae-filled lake that will never be cleaned due to high-phospate fertilizers and is not able to be drained because of the floating houseboats.

-A city filled with little racial diversity:
White Non-Hispanic (89.7%)
Two or more races (2.5%)
Hispanic (2.3%)
Chinese (1.5%)
Korean (1.1%)
Japanese (0.8%)
American Indian (0.8%)
Other race (0.7%)
Black (0.6%)

-A place where property tax is very high, and most residence are of upper middle class or higher.

-I live here, and don't particularly like it, although my family happens to be the best living here (muah ha).

Lady- So, where are you from?

You- Oregon.

Lady- Oh, Really? Where in Oregon?

You- Portland Area.

Lady- Oh, Really? What city?

You- Lake Oswego.

Lady- Oh. I don't like you.
by I'm not creative July 04, 2006
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