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A chav, or more commonly known as a retard is one who eats only at places that are near free. Example: a bin. They wear only tracksuits and select fabric that they find that has at least:
-Been worn 40 times (minimum)
-Been run over by a car that has been stolen
-Had spilt food on it
-Was made in a country they think is a city

A typical chav, would go around, spitting on people because it marks their territory. Eat at McDonalds for nearly every meal, except when they get paid (by stealing) and actually pay for their meal.

A male chav is incredibly bad tempered and rapes the nearest female when he is ready, usually at the age of 12-15.

A female chav is always looking for a mate. As soon as she is born she tries to wear thongs infront of fellow chavs and lose her virginity at the age of 11-13. If she hasn't, her parents will spank her until she is forced to say 'I will not rob McDonalds for a month.

Chavs usually use insults such as 'DICKHEAD' and 'BELLEND' without actually knowing what it means. They tend to live in the back gardens of those on holiday or in someone's unused room without them knowing. Their natural habitat is a bin.
The chav population in an alley is impossible to count, as there is too many.
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by I'm Teh Rel Big Shaq Ting April 19, 2018

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