2 definitions by I wish I could say that this was Devlin, but sadly I'm not THAT lucky!!

1) Something that Dottie drives around, because she has nothing better to do but drive her Subaru Forester after a hard day's work at the racquetball club, providing the less fortunate with yellow tennis balls that only Attorney At Law, Mr. S. Herzog could appropriately have a use for.
2) Something that Dottie's son Chris Dellvlin owns and drives, also known as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, that is of course before he finds the wonder of remembering the Titan.
Holy shit! Was that the Flavor Savor himself stroking his goatee while on his headset with his mom Dottie telling her he was arriving into the garage (on his ninth phone call exchange with her to report his whereabouts) after a fine day of racing with the Spencer Racing Team, landscaping, and tapping it up in a game of TAPS? Why yes, I do believe 'twas he, the man with that awesomely hot fat chick (also sometimes seen with a dark haired freak who uses him for rides)cruising around in his Soccer Mom Mobile for the last time today, as tomorrow he is said to be purchasing an even more renowned vehicle simply known as the mini-van converted to pick-up truck itself--the "Spearmint Gumball"--the prestigious $20,000 two-wheel drive Titan.
Master of outwitting the squirrels, by wrapping on a window so that they fall from her birdfeeder into the pond below, Dottie is a being unmatched. She sits at the dining room table all day long with her saggy tits, smoking her cigarettes one by one, even though they told her she is sure to die, because she nearly did several years ago, and then again started smoking. She also tends to watch her 13-inch black and white television set even though she has a 32 inch color one in the living room, not to mention her son's humungous wang of well over (can't even be calculated right now, as he's currently sitting on it) the two tv's inches combined!
The rest of the Dottie definitions are without a doubt, absolutely wrong! Dottie, although she is hot, is not the hottest Dorothy alive! Just ask Toto after she lifted her skirt whilst singing "Over The Rainbow" and provided him with some red rocket treatment!