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Sports website (www.mancavesportslounge.com);A room, area, or most likely the basement, of a dwelling that is reserved for guys to be away from the rest of the household (lady friend or significant other) in order to watch, read, or write about sports. This area is usually decorated by the male, without influence from lady friends. In rare occasions, females who can hold their own, when it comes to talking sports, are welcome in this domain. Man Cave essentials include: good friends, good food, TV (preferably HD) and remote control , beer (for 21 and up), and Pepsi for minors.
Guy 1: Dude, I love hanging out and talking "Man Cave Sports".

Guy 2: I know! I had to get away from my lady friend. She was going on and on about American Idol. I had to get to the Man Cave.

Guy 3: Did you see the article making fun of Tim Tebow on Man Cave Sports today? HILARIOUS.
by Hunter Scott 10 April 25, 2010
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