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People from Howell can be awsome or annoying. Howell is mostly known for route 9 where the most teenage car crashes occur. People from Howell are usually behind in everthing that is "cool" in the rest of the state. Teens trash talk each other and gossip on facebook for fun and when they hear that their "friend" started the rumors they fight it out at the "purple park" or in school. One other fact is that people stay in small groups, like the cheerleaders all wear the same clothing. People from Howell are known as howell-a-bamians.
Howell girl: Everyone at school wears they same clothes and everyone complains about what someone said to them on facebook.

Manalapan girl: Sheesh, you howell-a-bamians.
by Howell-a-bamia December 28, 2010

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