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3 definitions by Hot Licks

An old, time-honored management technique in large corporations.

1. Keep your employees in the dark.
2. Feed them shit.
3. When they grow up, cut them off at the roots.
The CEO of XYZ Corp is a big believer in the mushroom theory of management.
by Hot Licks July 21, 2020
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A computer "bug" that is the result of the operator pressing the wrong keys. Derived from "finger" (obviously) and "check" (meaning a computer-detected error).

Similar to "operator malfunction".
Yeah, the operator made a finger check and lost this week's payroll.
by Hot Licks February 12, 2011
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Keep them in the dark, feed them shit, and when they grow up, cut them off at the roots. (At least this is the way I remember hearing it in 1974.)
Yeah, ACR is a true believer in mushroom management.
by Hot Licks September 19, 2015
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