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The realization that what you are touching is wrong or inappropriate
"As Tommy D leaned in to skim her inner thigh, he retracted his hand with an overwhelming ditterization that this was inappropriate"

"I learned that a 12 volt electric shot was painful when I regrettably and inappropriately licked the ditterization-operation doll"
by Horn Dogs June 22, 2009
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The evening activity game of Sticks and Stones played only in the nude with the exception of sports bras and jock straps.
"Sandy I really like your sports bra"
"Thanks! I bought it especially for playing Sticks & Tits tonight".

"When JC slid into the safe zone, he lost his jock strap and Katy, thinking it was an object for retrieval, sprinted back to her team's side and the pennies won the game of Sticks & Tits"
by Horn Dogs June 21, 2009
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Describes a person who repeatedly becomes intimately acquainted with multiple people throughout the course of a summer

Describes a person who has at least one intimate acquaintance over multiple summers
"Amber Mae flies from the northern to the southern hemisphere so she can be summiscuous all year round"

"Mitch would spend his whole year at the gym in preparation for his annual summiscuous behavior"
by Horn Dogs June 23, 2009
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To seduce someone with just the look in your eyes, more mild than eye fucking, but more extreme than just a once over. Must include eye contact. 20/20 vision suggested.
"while waiting for class to begin, it hit me all the extra tutoring sections and after class notes culminated in the very suducticeing look in my teacher's eyes"

"i couldn't tell if the girl on the bus was trying to seductise me or if she just had something in her eye"
by Horn Dogs June 27, 2009
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To be verbally violated/raped/molested
"You look really sexy. I'd bang you right now"
"Wow! You just totally Double V'd me!"

"I can't walk down the street without getting eye-fucked or Double V'd"
by Horn Dogs June 24, 2009
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