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Adjective to describe to Jorge Garay or something related with him.

It born from the combination of his name "Jorge" and the word "gorgeous": Jorge-ous.

Function: to be a compliment


Person with an internal personal growth so great that it is noticed by other people; being at the same time:

Person who is -as its etymological root indicates- gorgeous, wonderful, iconic, original, extremely creative, brilliant, incredible, inspiring, good influence, fashion icon, adorable, empowering, resilient, multifaceted, courageous, thoughtful, hardworking, involved with the causes he defends, poetic, proactive, ingenious, artistic, helpful, motivating, exemplary, extremely honest, talented, smart, reliable, passionate with people he loves, kind, appreciates details of life and sensitive.

Person who possesses extreme beauty, deep knowledge, greatness to convey a message in different ways by different means, great presence, commitment to performance, iron attitude, exquisite taste and style, lack of fear to experience and express, firmness in his beliefs and a tendency to educate himself.

Person prone to causing pride and worship by others, as well as wanting to portray, love and pay homage to his wisdom, beauty and inspiration in different ways and means.


Whore-hey jəs.



Omg, he is so Jorgeous!

That is so Jorgeous!

This TikTok is so Jorgeous!
by Horch June 18, 2020
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