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Samuel is a considerate and sweet boy with a heart that's almost as big as his head he's always thoughtful but can be a bit closed off when it comes talking about emotions and closes himself off to most except the one person and if you becomes that person you will be the most important person in his life you will feel so special as you will always be his top priority no matter what to some he may come across as moody but to the one special person he is just emotional and miuderstood because he is sensitive it allows him to be the sweetest man you will ever meet but he is also a generous lover and is only satisfied when his partner is and will anything to make sure they both finish even though he does have to try hard as he is extreamly sexy he was blessed with a sexy body and he is very skilled in bed
Girl one : last night I got with Samuel

Girl two: I bet he finished in 2 minutes

Girl one: no he didn't finish till I did he wanted us both to be satisfied but that wasn't hard considering I was dripping wet the second I saw his body he had a really nice ass for a guy not to mention his abs and his dick was huge
by Hooter May 21, 2017

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