1 definition by Hombre de Leche

When you are vigorously fucking a midget from the back and just before completion you lift her in the air as you would a trophy. While the "trophy" is in the air you will rain down your own natural "confetti", also known as leche in costa rica. Once the confetti has stopped raining down, the midget is passed to your friends/teammates to start the process again. After everyone has had a turn with the trophy, she will then be prominently displayed in a glass case to immortalize the blood sweat and tears that were neccessary to win the championship.
Teammate #1 - Last night we took Gina McShortlegs home and made her a championship trophy.

Teammate #2 - Where is she now?

Teammate #1 - Locked in my basement.
by Hombre de Leche January 9, 2014
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