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Someone who causes maximum disruption and destruction with their lolz
Person A: I totally destroyed Gareth's confidence and self-esteem by lol'ing without mercy at his stupid new haircut

Person B: Damn, you loltergeist! (lols)
by HoJoJojo July 17, 2012
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Someone who says how beautiful a bird or animal is, how much they love it and how it needs to be conserved, and then picks up a gun and kills it.
Hunter: "oh man, mallard ducks are so cool. Their babies are adorable. Numbers are declining slightly, we better protect them."

*picks up a gun* BLAM

Mallard wheels out of the sky, stone cold dead.

Hunter has an ejaculation.
by HoJoJojo July 14, 2012
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When it's so cold your farts freeze as soon as they leave your butt
My farticles were the talk of the town during my recent visit to Siberia
by HoJoJojo March 17, 2017
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