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1. One who steals from others, even close friends
2. One who rats out others, even close friends, for small personal gain
3. One who cheats, bribes, lies, and steals for personal gain
4. One who offers others prizes to risk their own lives in the process by eating a cheetos bag
5. One who threatens others with hired thugs because he isnt man enough to do it himself
You should never be friends with a scumbag
by His loyal jester September 30, 2006

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1. Someone that flaunts their money by paying people to do stupid things, such as eating an aluminum foil cheetos bag for $100
2. Specifically in high school, a student that offers exorbitant amounts of money for other kids to do his/her homework, when a smaller amount would work
3. Someone who routinely takes friends out to steakhouses for lunch or dinner and proceeds to pay for everyone.
4. Someone who makes fun of others solely because they are not as wealthy
5. Someone whose main insult line is "i can buy and sell 100 of you"
Great Neck South used to have an infmaous show off, but his days of bribing, flaunting, and scheming are over
by His loyal jester September 30, 2006

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1. One who finds ways to obtain answers to tests other than through one's own personal knowledge
1a. Specifically, one who cleverly uses the other side of a scantron to read
the answers during a makeup test, fooling everyone
2. One who does not feel the rules every student must abide by apply to him/her
3. One who, in the event that a major cheating ring he/she was in charge of gets busted, finds a way to be the only person not officially blamed
4. One who always has an aliby or a reason as to why any suspected cheating was a misunderstanding
4a. If all else fails, one who will bring in his dominating mother and/or lawyer to settle things with the high school administration
There are a few good cheaters in my high school, but only one professional cheater - he was simply disgusting.
by His loyal jester September 30, 2006

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1. Comes in bite-sized or king-sized forms
2. Made out of a type of aluminum foil - inedible to most humans
2a. If digested, stomach will likely need to be pumped
3. Good material for a stupid bet that scumbags will attempt to devise
"Boy that cheetos bag is delicious"
"... you ate the BAG?"
"yea for $100"
"uh oh..."
by His loyal jester September 30, 2006

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