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RTFMs big brother, it stands for Problem Exisists Between Chair and Keyboard. A popular term among office network engineers and IT support departments, it arose due to a need to descretly describe arrogant users (who falsly believe the system or computer is at fault) in thier presence with a suitably techinal and legitimate-sounding term.
"My document is GONE!"
"Don't worry ma'am, its just a PEBCAK. John!, We got a PEBCAK on station 4!"
"Ok, I'm on it"
"Don't worry ma'am, we'll fix it"
by Hexinet April 27, 2006

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A popular Hexadecimal number. It equals the base ten value of 3735928559
0xDEADBEEF = 373598559
by Hexinet April 27, 2006

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