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The latest in social networking sites, aimed at the ever growing masses of 'indiekids' used purely for overwhelmingly indie photos such as a triangle or a wall... not to be confused with instagram which is too mainstream nowadays
Lloyd: Hey man look at this triangle I made using my skateboards!
Kurt: dude that's soo indie and original! let me photograph that and put it on indiegram!
by HelvedSnooty May 28, 2012
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1. A word to define the process of taking a hurried, strategically timed wank with the sole intention of cramming as many 'tacticals' into your day as possible.

2. Can also be used to relieve sexual pressure a short while before a nervously anticipated meeting with a girlfriend or figure of sexual interest.

guy 1: where's Fred?
guy 2: gone for another tactical, my kleenex supply is diminishing at a worrying rate because of that obsessive bastard..


Guy 1. You all set to meet Juliet?
Guy 2. What if i get a boner? she's bound to see! she'll never even look at me again!
Guy 1: Alright then, you can take three minutes out on the tram and have a quick tactical but you'll have to be speedy!
by HelvedSnooty April 13, 2012
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