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a male or female especially known for long, obnoctious, drawn out belches. They tend to have repetative methane gas, top end or bottom end (only on the mom's side of the family, with the bottom end-gas...). They also tend to try and one-up another, in an arguement, leave the room before the other gets a word in, and wonder in the aftermath of why the hell the other person is so stubborn, at times. With 745,877,499,876,854 fights included, they always seem to get along, just fine. Whether it be forced, or not. Most of their time, they speak with abnormally projected voices, and are inconsiderate of anyone else trying to sleep in the household (sometimes).
" You just ripped a ROMESBURG!! ewwww"

" You will comply, Romesburg!!!!!!!!"
by Heatherly Featherly March 11, 2009
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