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Arguing online thru Myspace.com
Usually vague references in blogs or comments to infer something negative about an individual or a group of individuals. A pathetic display of passive aggressive behavior.
Usually females.

Girl 1 Blog: Here are my latest paintings. Enjoy Friends!
Girl 2 Blog: OMG! Some people are so creative! Too bad they couldn’t something better with it. Painting is so stupid! In other news: I’m super hip and cool and can still hang with people in their early twenties even though I am approaching my thirties! It' true, I'm hip.
Girl 1 Blog: I don't have time to myspat with you. I have a life.

*Note how Girl 2 doesn’t name Girl 1, but makes it quite obvious she is talking about her.
by Heather_Hope May 01, 2006

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