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Schuylerville is a historical town in Upstate New York. The polluted Hudson River runs parallel to the town. The locals continue to swim in it although it's been proven that cancer rates have increased due to PCBs. These same people ride around on BMX bikes with an estimated 12-30 beers and a 2 grams of marijuana on person. Lock 5 is where all of the scumbags hang out and smoke weed. You can find an empty can of beer anywhere in Schuylerville, even on your front lawn. Although the town itself has begun to get nicer, the number of vagabonds and dead heads has done nothing but increase. There is also a very prominent red neck population. I almost forgot, every girl that lives in Schuylerville is a slut and will sleep with you on command. You may meet the occasional nice person in Schuylerville but it is highly unlikely.
Hey want to take a ride to Schuylerville?

Only if I can take a shower when we get back.
by Heather Culnann June 22, 2011
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