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Most eastern state in the country of Malaysia. The only place in with actual tar roads is at the capital city, other than that, probably best to travel with a 4x4.

Public transport is mainly catered for pilak and orang timur. The easiest place to gain citizenship especially if you 'intend' to vote for the ruling government. Cash ranging from RM20-RM50 is given in exchange for votes during elections. Spitting is a common practice, probably inherited from 'foreign' culture.

Apart from that, Sabah is actually a nice place, nice beaches, islands and cool mountains. The people here are great, they are not as racist as the western side of Malaysia, only a bit lazier.
Example: Oi pilak, ko pikir Sabah masi di bawah perintahan pilipin ka? BUDU la kaw! punya sandi sana tu, urang suda bagi IC, skrang maw ambil tanah urang lagi, nda MALU!
by Headhunterkinabatangan July 27, 2012
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