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Type of sexual style that involves a man engaging in intercourse while on his knees behind a woman...or man if that's how you roll, who is on their hands and knees. This technique is also skillfully used when trying to ignore that you're having sex with an ogre and instead imagining her to just be a larger then average runway model.
Guy 1: Man you should have seen the chick I nailed doggie style last night, she was thick and had hair like Jessica Alba

Guy 2: There's no way...you've never fucked any good looking girls.

Guy 1: I didn't say she was good looking, she just had nice hair.
by Hazel11 November 01, 2010

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A new, edgy brand of chewing gum that tastes like fried chicken washed down by a large cup of grape kool-aid.
Cashier: Can I get you anything else?

Customer: Yeah, may I please have 2 packs of Nigglets? My kids just love their gum!
by Hazel11 November 01, 2010

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