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A place you will surely regret moving to. A place where the teens boys are jokes. (Douchebags, scum-bags, haters, stuck-up, followers) ALL of them are this way. It's a proven fact! And 55% of the girls are hoes. This is not to be confused with the fact that you could be a virgin who never even kissed a boy at the age of 16 and you would be considered a whore. See 'ignorance'.

40% Redneck
30% Shit Talkers & "Gangsters" (hahahaha)
20% Whore
5% Emo
4% Nerd
1% Decent people

Decent people are hard to find here. Find one? Keep them around.

Hot Spots:
Lions Park:
Known famously for hoes suckin dick in the woods or graffiti on the childrens play things. Winners huh?

Andddd that's about it.

Now onto the losers you will find in town.
'Wanna be gangsters' just roamin the streets. (Sucks not havin a car, huh?) (They act like they're rich kids but they actually live in a small little town house with no air conditioning and a bike rather than a car.)
Hoes that follow the wanna-be's around
Decent people (sometimes)

Douchebags ( They wear 'funky' sunglasses such as aviators or any other 'fancy' styled eyewear, they dress in skate clothes or hollister. They're not even old enough to buy their own cigarettes. They don't know it but, drivers by scoff at the sight of them. They walk around like they think they're hot shit and/or celebrities. When really no one gives a shit about them. )
Example #1
Heyy babyyy :)
Hey :)
Your so cute! I wanna get to know you better :)
What do you wanna know :)
Hmmm... Where do you livee? :)
Capac how about you?
*hangs up*

Example #2:
Yeah I just moved in here from Capac
Ohh, thats why.....
Whats that supposed to mean?
by HateCapac October 10, 2011
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