Even if there's just a few in your area, there's never just one.
Even if you're the kind of asshole who is content to play nothing but solitaire his whole life, you know there's some other decent asshole somewhere you've been, it was never just you. There were more decent people, if you really were all decent.
by Solid Mantis April 21, 2020
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This is who your should spend your time on. Right Dick Dawkins?
Hym "Isn't that right, Dick? You should spend your time on decent people... Like Russell Brand! The LITTLE GIRL RAPING JUNKIE. Did you see that motherfucker mocking me? That's the SECOND little girl toucher (who women were fucking consensually INSTEAD OF ME) who has mocked me! 16 years old, huh? That's about the age of Joe Rogan's oldest daughter back in the day when I said the thing about the porno! And HE (at the same age I was when I said it) was in a relationship AND raped her! There it is folks! The female's sacred choice in action! 1000 women a year they say (minus the ones he raped obviously)! He's CLEARLY great with women and their choice was in no way contingent on his big fat cock! HA! HAHAHAHAHA! I'm not laughing about the rape obviously. That's not the funny part. THE IRONY (However)! THAT! THAT is fucking hilarious! Chalk up another victory for the LAZY BABY-DICK INCEL MISOGYNIST! HOLY SHIT! My ass is undefeated over here! What's my score!? Who wants to do the honors? Tell me, what's my fucking score? Am I batting 1000 or what!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
by Hym Iam September 21, 2023
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