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A Sociopath is an individual who lacks a conscience.These individuals are opportunists and have extremely high IQ's which they use to their advantage.

Sociopaths are social geniuses who are constantly making split second calculations. They use the scientific method and tend to know all variables in a social setting. Sociopaths are like chameleons, they can blend into anything they need to be at the time. Sociopaths are known to be hilarious people with many friends.They always win arguments because they see things that normal people see. They can find the smallest inconsistencies and hone in on them. Don't argue with a sociopath because you will end up losing to them or you will end up thinking you are right (trust us, you can't beat a sociopath)

We have interviewed females that have dated Sociopaths, and they all said the same thing; Sociopaths are amazing in bed. They have powerful sex drives along with uncanning skill. Sociopaths don't feel love, due to an under active part of the brain called the Amygdala. Since they are incapable of loving, they substitute it for lust. Keep a sociopath in your life but do not get attached to them romantically. In simpler terms, don't expect to get married to them, instead have sex with them.

Never cross a sociopath. You will regret it and you will never be comfortable with yourself ever again. Sociopaths will crush you if you get in their way. You have been warned.
Tom: I can't ever win an arguement with Patrick. He's just too smart to beat.

Shane: Patrick is a sociopath, don't argue with him because you will end up losing.

Tom: One day Ill win an arguement.

Shane: Sociopaths are so smart that they can pick apart and analyze your agruement within a split second. Even if you think you are right, you are still wrong.
by Harvard Psychology May 04, 2016
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